Mesotech Goes Global with Kongsberg Discovery Rebrand

(Image credit: Mesotech)

After spending the last 50 years building a reputation as Canada’s leader in the development of innovative underwater technology, Vancouver’s Mesotech has rebranded.

The business, which employees 50 local experts, manufacturing more than 100 marine surveillance and detection systems, is now Kongsberg Discovery Canada, leveraging the global strengths of its parent company to enable further growth and success.

Proven performance

Mesotech opened its doors in 1973, rapidly establishing a loyal customer base in the fishery and ocean science segments.

Today, these key groups have been joined by businesses spanning areas ranging from renewable energy and infrastructure, through to search and rescue, all of whom rely on high resolution sonar systems and acoustic technology to unlock in-depth ocean understanding. Mesotech has been a part of the KONGSBERG Group since 1997.

United ambitions

“This is a new chapter, rather than a new beginning,” comments Sandeep Sandhu, General Manager, Kongsberg Discovery Canada. “We have the same great people, constantly developing the same standard of world class products, but now we have a name that unites us with a global family.

2 Sandeep SandhuSandeep Sandhu, General Manager, Kongsberg Discovery Canada. (Image credit: Kongsberg Discovery)

“As we share the same values, goals, products and services, it’s a move that makes perfect sense. We retain what has made us successful, while drawing us closer to a strong global network that is respected worldwide for its innovations, results and insights into the needs of an evolving user base. For us, and our valued customers, it’s a clear win-win.”

Global leadership

Kongsberg Discovery is a Norwegian-headquartered business employing over 1000 dedicated professionals.

The business launched as a standalone company last year, drawing together the KONGSBERG Group’s advanced underwater robotics and sensor portfolio in a separate entity for the first time. KONGSBERG itself employs over 13,000 people worldwide.

Sustainable success

“I’m delighted to welcome the fantastic Mesotech team even closer into the core of Kongsberg Discovery,” says Martin Wien Fjell, President, Kongsberg Discovery. “Canada is such an important market, with both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts, not to mention the inland water ways, offering huge opportunities, yet also challenges, for our customer base.

“We’re dedicated to developing and supplying the solutions that help fisheries, energy companies, defense organizations, scientific researchers and a host of other users realize the potential of the ocean space. Accessing the best quality, high resolution data, across a broad spectrum of depths and conditions, is key to doing so – especially with regard to enabling sustainability.

“We’re thrilled to have Kongsberg Discovery Canada on hand to ensure the best service, standards and results for local customers.”

Kongsberg Discovery Canada is based in Vancouver, BC.

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