Ocean Sonics Welcomes Industry Partner for Research Program Term

Ocean Sonics welcomes Kristen Kanes to the office in Great Village, Nova Sotia while she completes a key stage of her orca research project.

Kanes, a student working at Victoria BC’s Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre, holds an undergraduate degree in co-op Biology, and is now doing her Masters’ at the University of Victoria School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, specifically focusing her thesis research on the acoustics of orcas.

The strategic partnership between Ocean Sonics, ONCIC, and Kanes is based on a common subject, the icListen Smart Hydrophone. Kanes is responsible for analyzing the acoustic data collected from the current six icListen hydrophones located on ONC’s observatories.

Desiree Stockermans, Ocean Sonics Operations Director, said: “Ocean Sonics is excited to have Kristen joining the team. We’re looking forward to her analyzing the data collected by the icListen Smart Hydrophone.

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