Offshore Partnership DecomMissionBlue Committed to a Cleaner North Sea

DecomMissionBlue, a partnership between various parties from the offshore sector, has been launched at the Offshore Energy 2021 exhibition in Amsterdam.

The participants in this joint venture have a shared ambition to realize the efficient, fast and, crucially, sustainable decommissioning and recycling of offshore installations and large maritime objects.

“Decommissioning is becoming a major activity for the port of Amsterdam port and involves everything related to the circular economy and waste processing,” comments Jurgen Treffers, CFO of Koole Contractors. “By working together as partners in DecomMissionBlue we can provide a total package of solutions for the entire process and throughout the chain, from inventory to reuse, from oil major to steel processor. In other words, a sustainable closed cycle within a radius of just ten miles.”

Hundreds of objects and installations at sea, varying from platforms to vessels and wind turbines, will reach the end of their lifespan in the coming decades. The Amsterdam-IJmuiden region is ready to play its part, with DecomMissionBlue actively taking on the challenge of finding increasingly smart, efficient and sustainable ways to decommission and recycle large maritime objects and installations. The ultimate goal is a cleaner North Sea.

Decommissioning partners

DecomMissionBlue is facilitated by Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) and was initiated by AYOP members that represent the entire value chain: BK Ingenieurs, Boskalis Nederland, Building Careers, Koole Contractors/Decom Amsterdam, Mammoet, Port of Amsterdam, Reym, Seafox, Tata Steel and Van Leeuwen Zwanenburg Sloopwerken.

Minimal footprint

The initiative had a clear starting point: Koole Contractors recently opened a yard behind the new sea locks that facilitates tide-free and time-saving operations. The central position of this facility means DecomMissionBlue can decommission and process all materials within a range of ten miles while keeping emissions and the ecological footprint to a minimum.

“All the companies needed for sustainable decommissioning are also located within a range of just ten miles, are fully certified and have experience in large-scale projects,” confirms Allard Klinkers, commercial manager at Port of Amsterdam. “In addition, the sea locks have been widened from 50 to 70 metres and the logistics and hinterland are well-organised. Everything can be transported via the connected waterways, which reduces road transportation and lowers CO2 and nitrogen emissions.”

Focus on innovation

By actively sharing knowledge among members and with stakeholders, DecomMissionBlue partners will maintain their focus on the joint mission to innovate processes and the infrastructure and work towards a sustainable, circular and more efficient decommissioning. Developing a circular economy is a major goal of the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region so the recycling of materials and reuse of resources are major focal points in every decommissioning project.

Single point of contact

DecomMissionBlue creates custom time and cost-efficient decommissioning solutions, coordinated by a single point of contact to take care of the necessary certifications and ensure compliance with the safety and quality requirements which apply to the decommissioning sector.

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