The Story That Made Cygnus Instruments What it is Today

(Image credit: Cygnus)

Back in 1956…

“…the future founder of Cygnus left his home country as a 12-year-old asylum-seeking refugee.”

His parents told no one and sacrificed everything to give him, his siblings and his future children a better chance in life than what post-WW2 (military occupied) Hungary could offer.

2 George 1Cygnus founder, George Edes. (Image credit: Cygnus)

George Edes didn’t know he was heading to England, but once in the UK he took every opportunity open to him!

3 George 2Cygnus founder, George Edes. (Image credit: Cygnus)

He went on to do a mathematics degree…

…played a lot of poker, became a commercial diver and a ship surveyor which took him to Japan.

“…Around the age of 30, he closed a ship survey business in Japan and headed back to the UK, with his wife, to start all over again.”

Cygnus Instruments was born in 1983…

“…Edes created a new ship survey business, Surtest Marine, and used it as a platform to develop pioneering ultrasonic thickness gauges.”

As soon as the products were proven, a new company Cygnus Instruments was formed in 1983.

4 Team(Image credit: Cygnus)

Cygnus Team and Values

Sadly, George and his wife died in 1988. What followed was a series of turbulent chapters for the business. Their daughter (Lulu) joined Cygnus in 2005 determined to protect her father’s legacy. Those tough times are now in the company’s past, but appreciated because the team is strong-willed and passionate as a result.

5 40th year(Image credit: Cygnus)

“…now the founder’s legacy is a platform on which to build our own.”

“…Together we form a strong community and live by values that underpin the company culture and make Cygnus great today!”

Where we are, 40 years on…

This year Cygnus have celebrated their 40th anniversary! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

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