Aquatec Launches Expanded Oceanographic and Environmental Sediment Instrument Range

For over 20 years, Aquatec Group has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for observing suspended sediment, including the market leading AQUAscat acoustic profilers.

Aquatec Sediment solved homepage imageNow Aquatec is expanding beyond suspension with the new Sediment? Solved range, with the introduction of products from KC-Denmark for the collection of suspended, bedload and deposited sediment, including grabs, corers and sediment traps. Aquatec can now offer a complete range of oceanographic and environmental instruments for observing and collecting sediment.

Aquatec’s core expertise lies with suspended sediment instrumentation, and their flagship AQUAscat and AQUAlogger 210TY product lines, allowing customers to measure turbidity using optical backscatter and observe suspended sediment using multi-frequency acoustics. With Sediment? Solved, customers can now collect sediment in suspension too, with KC-Denmark’s sediment traps and water samplers. The collected sediment can be analysed in the lab to build a bigger picture of the environment, and provide the data needed for converting turbidity to suspended sediment concentration. For bedload and deposited sediment, a comprehensive range of corers and grabs is now available.

Aquatec can also provide integrated solutions, bringing together multiple technologies to suit individual project requirements. Complete systems can be designed to measure sediment throughout the natural environment, bringing together Sediment? Solved products and Aquatec’s extensive expertise in instrument, communication and system design.

Andy Smerdon, Managing Director, said ‘We are delighted to include products from KC-Denmark in our Sediment? Solved range. This allows us to offer our customers a wider range of oceanographic and environmental sediment instruments, building upon our years of experience in suspended sediment instrument design and manufacture.’

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