Armada and Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions to Enhance Vessel Energy-Efficiency

The Armada passive air lubrication system (PALS) uses the ship’s forward motion to create a precise air-water mixture for lubrication. Unlike traditional methods that rely on high-energy compressors, PALS consumes significantly less power, utilizing small-capacity water pumps only in sub-optimal conditions. (Image credit: Armada)

Armada Technologies™ (Armada), a provider of a new, second-generation innovative hull air lubrication system, and Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on installing Armada’s Passive Air Lubrication Systems (PALS) on vessels. The partnership aims to improve vessel energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and minimize the emission of carbon and other pollutants to ships.

Under the terms of the MoU, Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions and Armada will explore a business relationship and potential opportunities to incorporate PALS into vessels owned by former customers. Armada will provide technical and commercial support to facilitate the integration of PALS into vessel designs, including initial efficiency-saving estimates and design information on proposed installations.

“We are excited to partner with Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions to drive the adoption of PALS in the maritime industry,” said Alex Routledge, CEO of Armada Technologies. “By combining our expertise in air lubrication systems with Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions’ extensive network and reputation, we can make a significant impact in reducing the environmental footprint of vessels while also improving their operational efficiency.”

The MoU signifies a commitment from both parties to work diligently towards delivering these objectives by December 1, 2024.

“This collaboration with Armada aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovative and sustainable, effective solutions to our customers,” added Damir Glavan, Chief Executive Officer at Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions. “By offering PALS as an option for vessels, we can contribute to the maritime industry’s efforts to reduce emissions and promote cleaner, more efficient operations.”

Armada and Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions are committed to working together to drive the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

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