Blue Movement Directory – A Powerful New Tool for Ocean Action

Blue Frontier's newly updated Blue Movement Directory is a powerful tool that empowers ocean action worldwide. The online directory simplifies the process of finding like-minded individuals, organizations, and their activities to amplify the collective impact of the blue movement.

It links to more than 1,000 U.S. ocean and coastal organizations with user-friendly features and a geo-map based interface.

The launch of this new directory has been met with enthusiasm from those in the environmental community who recognize its potential for positive change within their communities. Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta called it “the first Blue Frontiercomprehensive guide to the organizations and agencies that are on the front line of the effort to protect this great resource.” Environmental activist Margo Pellegrino adds her excitement about how an earlier version helped her during an ambitious sea paddling journey: “Without this directory, I could not have done my Miami to Maine paddle. It connected me with seaweed (marine grassroots) groups all up and down the coast.”

David Helvarg, Founder & Executive Director at Blue Frontier—the nationally recognized nonprofit organization behind this project—states: “With our new online Blue Movement Directory we’re offering a powerful tool for scientists, activists, journalists and others to connect with those working to turn the tide for our ocean planet.” The key features allow users access to research opportunities as well as field work or advocacy initiatives while also providing them an opportunity to share resources and collaborate on projects together to improve our oceans’ health across all communities involved in these efforts.

As one of many public engagement initiatives by Blue Frontier, “The Voice for Ocean Action”—including the Rising Tide Ocean Podcast, this newly updated and user-friendly organizational guide aims to unite citizens who care about protecting our coasts and ocean into active participants in our decision making processes from sea to shining sea. via


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