CSA and MVI Jointly Launch PSO Training in Israel

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc (CSA) and Marine Ventures International Inc (MVI), both marine environmental consulting firms specializing in spatial data collection, analysis, and management, launched an initiative in Israel to certify a pool of Protected Species Observers (PSOs).

2 CSA new Logo 4This course is the first initiative of its kind in Israel and will certify 20 PSOs to support regional oil and gas industries and additional offshore and nearshore operations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

3 MVIThe training is National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) approved. Course content includes regulations for the Gulf of Mexico, regulations for the state of Israel and the Mediterranean Sea (according to ACCOBAMS), and cetacean species identification focused on the Mediterranean. This certification will contribute to capacity building in Israel’s marine industries and strengthen the local workforce’s strategic planning for years to come. Officials from the Israeli Ministry of Energy (MoE) and Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) have expressed their interest in MVI and CSA’s PSO Training course, and will speaking during the course about PSOs work in the Israeli marine environment.

“We are excited and privileged to have this opportunity to support the offshore industry in Israel and serve our clients in an important marine business line that requires regional expertise and proficiency,” said Mr. Elad Mills, Managing Director of MVI in Israel. “The certification of Israeli PSOs will further position CSA and MVI jointly as the leading marine environmental consulting firm in Israel and will help open up new opportunities for companies in the Levantine basin and greater Mediterranean,” Mr. Mills said. “We consider local Israeli content as a key to a sustainable industry in Israel, and we are pleased to see that MoE and MoEP support our initiative.”

The newly certified Israeli PSOs are planned to become engaged in upcoming jobs both nearshore and offshore Israel. CSA and MVI invite Israeli operators, stakeholders, and parties of interest to find out more about PSOs availability and other related complementary services by contacting [email protected].

About CSA Ocean Sciences Inc and Marine Ventures International Inc 

MVI and CSA bring together over five decades of experience in marine environmental consulting in coastal, marine, and deep ocean surveys and preparing environmental assessments. MVI’s expertise in Israel is built on the integration of science, regulation, management, and an understanding of environmental data collection and analysis. Learn more about MVI Israel’s range of marine environmental consulting services.

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