Emapsite Develops New Marine Mapping and Data Service That Delivers Insight in Seconds

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Easy-access marine insights

Emapsite Marine is a powerful online platform that provides marine maps and location data for UK waters and beyond. Designed for environmental consultants, marine planning offshore renewables and anyone responsible for developments in the maritime environment, the service facilitates the quick and easy creation of user-defined maps that can pinpoint all known marine infrastructure, surface and geographic features such as shipwrecks, offshore turbines, reefs and pipelines.

Users can simply visit emapsite.com/applications/marine, define an area of ocean, select a relevant combination of dataset layers and then download their custom raster or vector map at the click of a button.

The data available to choose from is up-to-date, pinpoint accurate, and can uncover an array of maritime insights ranging all the way from elevation, geology, tides & tidal currents to transport, industrial facilities, and shipwrecks & obstructions. It can also indicate non-physical marine environment considerations such as geographical regions and administrative & management units.

This streamlined process also ensures that customers only pay for the mapped areas and datasets that are relevant to them.

What’s more, the service enables users to order marine mapping that can be combined with land mapping. This advanced capability has been included to enable those who work in connected sea and land environments to see all the insights they require in their Geographic Information System (GIS).

As Rich Pawlyn, Managing Director of Emapsite, says, “Anyone who works in a maritime environment will know that there’s a whole world hidden beneath the waves, and that place is one where accuracy matters. Governments, offshore renewables, and multi-disciplinary consultancies working with any of those sectors – all need to know exactly what’s going on in the areas of the ocean that they operate in. We’re really excited to be able to offer this vastly updated service. Its capacity to empower people who work in marine environments to gain the insights they need in their specific areas of interest with ease exceeds any other service on the market.”

Dependable data

The data that powers Emapsite’s new marine mapping service is supplied by OceanWise Ltd who take raw data from national Hydrographic offices (like the UK Hydrographic office) and repurpose it into a variety of mapping products for seamless consumption into GIS. The data is regularly updated and checked and as it comes from Hydrographic bodies, it is the most up-to-date and accurate marine location data available.

Caroline Levey, Managing Director of OceanWise, the marine data specialists that power Emapsite’s Marine platform, notes: “The breadth and literally depth of data available around marine and coastal environments is incredible. From the location of pipelines, cables and shipwrecks to understanding the changing seabed, this data enables organizations to make smarter and safer decisions.v

“Those responsible for planning, managing and operating assets in marine environments understand that mapping and location data needs to be fit for purpose, accurate and up to date. Our data ticks all those boxes and more – and Emapsite’s expertise in providing easy access to that information in the right format at the right time takes it to another level.”

Right place, right time

More offshore windfarms, other maritime renewable energy generation projects and marine infrastructures of all kinds are being built, more traffic is flowing across global shipping lanes and calls to protect ocean habitats and ecosystems are growing ever louder. That has produced a time of soaring demand for reliable, tailor-made marine maps.

This greatly enhanced, market-leading offering comes from a firmly established location data company that is considered a leader in its field and has a proven track record of simplifying spatial intelligence. Backed by that expertise, it’s set to revolutionize the ability of people who work at sea – especially those with an interest in connecting sea and land – to navigate today’s increasingly complex maritime world.

About Emapsite

Emapsite is one of the UK’s leading providers of digital mapping services and location data. The organization has been simplifying spatial intelligence to help customers make better-informed decisions, anticipate risk, and realize opportunities for over 20 years. The company serves a broad range of sectors including Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy and Infrastructure and more. Its marine data customers include Offshore Renewables, Governments, Ports and Harbors, and Maritime pilotage.

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