Embeddable DVR with Incremental Encoder Interface

Tigard, OR – Sensoray introduces its new Model 4012, a compact digital video recorder (DVR) optimized for embedding in OEM systems. It records audio and video (A/V) to USB storage media in MP4 format and captures JPEG images on-the-fly without interrupting recording.

Two incremental encoder interfaces allow position information to be overlaid directly onto the video. The A/V outputs allow live video, recorded A/V or JPEG snapshots to be displayed on an external monitor. Date and time are maintained by a real-time clock with battery backup. To implement a complete embedded DVR simply connect power, your own custom keypad and a USB storage device.

The board encodes standard NTSC/PAL composite video using efficient H.264 compression. Audio from the onboard microphone or stereo line-level inputs is digitized and compressed using AAC encoding. The compressed A/V streams are multiplexed and recorded as MP4 files, with file names automatically generated by the real-time clock. Bit rates can be tailored to match application requirements and storage capacity.

Encoder counts are reliably tracked by the incremental encoder interfaces, and automatically scaled to user-configurable displacement units such as meters or feet.

The text overlay generator can locate the current date, time and incremental encoder positions anywhere in the video frame. The date, time and encoder position text is automatically updated every video frame.

An external USB storage device is required for DVR operation. If desired, a second USB storage device may also be connected and the 4012 will simultaneously record to both devices. USB connectors are located on both sides of the board to facilitate connection to both removable and embedded storage devices.

The DVR user interface consists of a user-supplied keypad working in conjunction with the board’s on-screen menus. Each keypad connector pin can be routed to any keypad switch and configured to match the control scheme of your custom keypad. If preferred, a standard keyboard can be plugged into any USB port and used to control the DVR.

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