EPS Partners with Deepsea Technologies for Full Fleet Roll-Out of AI Performance Solution

Sensor data from EPS vessels across all segments will be received on the Cassandra platform providing unparalleled insights into fleet performance. (Image credit: EPS)

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) has entered into an agreement with DeepSea Technologies to implement a comprehensive fleet-wide deployment of DeepSea’s pioneering Cassandra Performance Monitoring platform. This strategic partnership will deepen EPS’ existing commitment to exploring digital solutions and comes after an extensive trial process on the accuracy of DeepSea’s high-frequency AI performance models.

By leveraging DeepSea’s revolutionary Cassandra system, EPS will monitor its diverse and extensive fleet in real-time, through accurate AI-generated digital twins of vessel machinery. The fleet spans across multiple segments, including bulk, tanker, gas, container, and PCTC vessels. The implementation of this advanced technology will enable EPS to harness high-frequency data across all segments.

EPS is recognized as an industry leader in the adoption of innovative technology in its fleet. Notably, the company is distinguished by its modern and diverse fleet composition equipped with high-frequency sensors. These sensors facilitate the collection of granular data, providing unparalleled insights into fleet performance.

DeepSea Technologies, a trailblazer in the high-frequency data revolution within the shipping industry, brings a wealth of expertise in AI modelling and data aggregation. Since its inception, DeepSea has been dedicated to advancing high-frequency data solutions in maritime operations.

The collaboration between EPS and DeepSea Technologies will equip EPS with precise and detailed modelling and analytics. The Cassandra solution will deliver the most advanced and current understanding of the entire fleet’s performance, enabling EPS to make well-informed and dynamic decisions in real time.

This enhanced decision-making capability will allow EPS to minimize fuel consumption, reduce GHG emissions, and support its decarbonization goals.

EPS’ Fleet Performance Manager Pavlos Karagiannidis explains, “As we embark on this journey of digital transformation, harnessing the power of DeepSea’s Cassandra platform, we’re not just optimizing performance. We are charting a course towards a more sustainable and efficient future for maritime operations.”

DeepSea are very pleased to be working with such an esteemed partner. As outlined by CEO Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, “We are very excited to start rolling out our solution across EPS’ diverse fleet and look forward to continuing to improve our offerings through the feedback of such a leading player in the industry.”

This new partnership signifies a clear mutual initiative in digitizing and decarbonizing the shipping industry.

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