Fugro Partners with ORRAA for Coastal Resilience and Action on Ocean Health

Fugro partners with ORRAA to help address the challenges posed by ocean-related risks. (Image credit: Alex Mustard/Ocean Image Bank)

Fugro has partnered with the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA) to help address the complex challenges posed by ocean-related risks, particularly in the face of climate change and environmental threats. Fugro will contribute Geo-data expertise to a diverse coalition of partners, underscoring their dedication to the shared objectives of mitigating climate change impacts and improving ocean health.

ORRAA’s mission is to build the resilience of 250 million climate vulnerable coastal people by 2030, through investing a minimum of $500 million into the development of at least 50 novel finance and insurance products. The alliance is the only multi-stakeholder organization focused on driving financial innovations to deliver a sustainable and equitable blue economy and more resilient coastal communities. International finance, insurance, government, non-profits, industry, and other stakeholders make up the alliance and contribute to products that include supporting the development of flood-mapping and solutions to other environmental challenges that threaten life. As part of ORRAA, Fugro will collaborate by using their skills and knowledge in scientific research, technological innovation, and sustainable Geo-data solutions to help preserve planet and ocean health.

Karen Sack, ORRAA’s Executive Director, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Fugro to ORRAA. Data is absolutely key to monitoring and measuring both the challenges which threaten coastal communities from climate and ocean risk, and our ability to deliver and assess the positive impacts that can be delivered through climate and nature positive investments.”

Mark Heine, CEO of Fugro, expressed his pride in the partnership: “Fugro’s involvement with ORRAA aligns with our commitment to coastal resilience and ocean health. Through ORRAA, we’ll apply our leading Geo-data expertise to tackle the challenges of climate change and ocean risk, reinforcing our dedication to creating a safe and livable world by preserving our oceans and coastal communities for future generations.”

Fugro’s partnership with ORRAA also involves supporting the Coastal Risk Index (CRI), which is an open-source platform providing comprehensive flood maps and data that enable financial institutions, investors, insurers, and policymakers to make informed decisions about coastal risk and resilience strategies. It also identifies areas where natural habitats like reefs and mangroves are crucial for protecting climate vulnerable communities.

Chip Cunliffe, ORRAA’s Program and Risk Director, added: “The Coastal Risk Index is a cutting-edge tool through which better data enables financial institutions and governments to make better decisions and deliver better outcomes. We value Fugro’s commitment to contributing towards its development.”

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