Greensea Creates a Dedicated User Interface Team

Brian Crist, Engineering Team Lead provides training to new User Interface Team in November 2021.

Greensea Systems, creator of OPENSEA®, the universal open architecture software platform for the marine industry, has announced the creation of a dedicated user interface team. This team will be instrumental in making Workspace, its flagship user interface, more streamlined and operator focused.

To support its mission to develop technology that improves the relationship between operators and robots, Greensea has invested in the creation of a new development team focused entirely on improving the operator experience within Workspace. The User Interface Team will be led by Brian Crist, a veteran Greensea developer. Brian will be joined by Mike Wieliczki, Senior Software Developer. They will be joined by two new team members: Zack Forsythe, User Experience Designer; and Ben Rickman, User Interface Developer. While the team will have a focused role, its individual team members will be joining ongoing project teams to advocate for user experience and the implementation of UI improvements in Workspace.

“I’m thrilled to be working with a dedicated team of such creative and talented individuals.” says Brian Crist, Engineering Team Lead. “Having a collaborative team will allow us to move UI development along at a much more rapid pace and will let us provide a clean, intuitive and state of the art user experience that matches the power and reliability of the rest of OPENSEA.”

In November, Greensea brought the user interface team together to meet face-to-face for the first time and for Brian to bring the new members up to speed with an intensive three day deep dive into the backend systems that power Workspace.

This focused team will help to make the Workspace UI better for all of our customers, and most importantly for operators in the field.

Greensea continues to expand its workforce. Interested parties can monitor job openings at

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