IOSTIA Announces New Membership for Emerging Companies

(Washington, DC): IOSTIA (IO-sha), the International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association, a 501(c)(6) industry association representing ocean or “blue” technology companies providing products and services to various maritime sectors, has announced a new category of membership to help support early-stage companies focused on innovations to advance the Blue Economy.

The Emerging Company membership category is designed to give young and innovative blue tech companies a more manageable point of entry to take advantage of the wide array of business-oriented programs, workshops and networking opportunities offered through IOSTIA membership. The category is open to privately held and private-public partnership organizations developing disruptive technologies that advance the economic impact of the marine industry.

“Providing a platform to help young and innovative blue tech companies succeed is not only in the long term interest of the industry, but aligns with our strategic vision,” remarked Rich Lawson, IOSTIA CEO. “There are so many emerging fields including artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous technologies, material science, marine big data and bio-marine, we want to make sure IOSTIA is responsive and helping these new companies succeed.”

IOSTIA provides a suite of programs to increase the visibility of companies through Hill outreach and advocacy, professional networking, business contracting and partnerships that will help keep government informed of innovation in the marine sector and help fast track the commercialization of products and services. IOSTIA is planning a series of workshops and CEO boot camps to help these companies grow their networks and business opportunities.

To be eligible for participation in the program, companies must be younger than three years or enrolled in a technology incubator program and have five or fewer employees. The membership may be continued for up to two years.

“It’s exciting to have captured the interest of companies in these cutting-edge technology disciplines and we’re proud to be taking the lead in supporting these nascent industry segments,” remarked Lawson.

IOSTIA is active on LinkedIn.

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