Kongsberg Digital to Equip Italian Maritime Training Academy with Advanced Simulation

(Image credit: Kongsberg Digital)

Kongsberg Digital, a global leader in digital solutions, has announced its latest partnership with Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile (FAIMM), a specialist maritime training academy based in Genova, Italy. Kongsberg Digital will deliver of a range of state-of-the-art K-Sim simulator systems, providing FAIMM with the necessary tools and support to optimize its training programs.

The comprehensive simulator system includes a range of sophisticated components, featuring a DNV Class A K-Sim Navigation/offshore jack-up simulator system, which seamlessly integrates with Kongsberg Maritime’s Dynamic Positioning System, K-POS. FAIMM will also benefit from a DNV Class B Offshore Crane simulator for crane operator training.

In addition, Kongsberg Digital will deliver its renowned K-Sim Engine and K-Sim Cargo Full Mission and Desktop Simulator System, which brings a comprehensive range of engine and cargo simulator models to the market. These systems will share the same hardware for both full mission and classroom configurations, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in training delivery.

“We are proud to partner with FAIMM in Genova to deliver our advanced simulator systems, which are poised to elevate maritime training and research capabilities,” said Are Føllesdal Tjønn, Managing Director in Maritime Simulation at Kongsberg Digital. “By providing FAIMM with the tools they need to create customized training environments and offering comprehensive support services, we are empowering them to provide world-class training programs that meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry.”

Kongsberg Digital’s K-Sim Simulator System provides a versatile and high-fidelity training environment suitable for all levels of proficiency. Built upon an advanced physics engine and supplied with precision mathematical hydrodynamic models, the system offers an intuitive instructor interface for easy exercise creation and trainee evaluation.

As part of the agreement, Kongsberg Digital will also provide FAIMM with its proprietary K-Sim Tools for model development and database creation, along with the HDMT tool. These cutting-edge systems will be installed on separate operating stations, empowering FAIMM to create their own high-definition models and 3D exercise areas, thereby customizing their training environment to meet specific requirements.

Dr. Paola Vidotto, representing FAIMM, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with Kongsberg Digital to enhance our training and research capabilities. The advanced simulation systems and comprehensive support services provided by Kongsberg Digital will enable us to offer cutting-edge training programs that prepare our students for success in the maritime industry.”

To ensure that FAIMM’s new simulator system remains state-of-the-art and relevant as a training and research tool in the years to come, Kongsberg Digital has included a 5-year warranty and support program. This program encompasses software updates, regular site visits by the Kongsberg Digital support team, 24/7 telephone and online support, and remote diagnostics, ensuring maximum uptime and performance.

“Kongsberg Digital is committed to supporting FAIMM throughout the implementation process and beyond, providing the necessary tools, support, and expertise to enable FAIMM to deliver exceptional training experience,” adds Mr. Føllesdal Tjønn.

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