MacArtney Deliver New Water Level Measuring Stations in the Wadden Sea

Installation of Water Level Measuring Station, Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea

Since June 2018 MacArtney Germany has delivered, maintained and serviced water level measuring stations in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea, near the Island of Sylt.

The Wadden Sea is an intertidal zone that lies between the coast of northwest Europe and the low-lying Frisian Islands. It consists of a shallow body of water with tidal flats and wetlands. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its diverse nature, it is an area of strict environmental conservation. MacArtney has delivered six measuring stations to a German energy supplier in May this year including six Tide Masters designed by British manufacturer Valeport, equipped with Data Telemetry Units. The Tide Master device acts as a water level recorder; it can accurately record the height of the water and record meteorological data by utilizing an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor. Five of the units included pressure sensors to determine the changing water levels for the purposes of data collection, with the further use of the results for hydrodynamic modelling.

These measuring stations each consist of a 2.5 m long stainless steel pole that is vertically anchored in the tidal flats. The pressure sensors are positioned approximately 20 cm above the seabed to determine the changing water levels. On the upper part of the pole, protected by stainless steel housing, are the secure and waterproof mounted Tide Master device and modem.

The water levels are being measured every 10 minutes over a distance of 16 km along the Hindenburg dam, which links the Island of Sylt with the mainland. The data obtained from the Tide Master device is sent via modem and mobile network to the web-based data interface.

The online data transmission enables both direct access to current data and the capability to frequently check the functionality of the measurement stations. The systems will be operated for approximately four months, and maintained throughout by MacArtney Germany.

The sixth and final unit, located on the nearby mainland, is equipped with a MetPak weather station including: wind speed and direction, air-temperature, pressure and humidity sensors – enabling the monitoring of the wide-ranging wind conditions influencing the changing water level.

MacArtney’s scope of supply in this case has been wide ranging from designing and supplying the water level measuring stations, to their installation and service, to programming the Tide Master and web-based interface, to reporting the results of the measurements and of the hydrodynamic modeling.

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