Major Collaboration Fosters Autonomy and Machine Learning Innovation in Ocean Robotics

Greensea SeeByte DIU collaboration

The two largest software companies in ocean robotics, Greensea Systems, Inc. creator of the open architecture platform OPENSEA®, and SeeByte, with their mission-level autonomy system Neptune and embedded Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), have continued their collaboration to provide a comprehensive solution for ocean robotics operators, from vehicle platform to operation center.

The two companies are working together to provide advanced autonomy and sensor processing solutions that complement each other and push the cutting-edge of underwater robotics.

“I have had a long history with Greensea Systems. First, I was a customer of theirs at SeaBotix. Then I became a competitor to them in my early days with SeeByte. Now, I am proud to partner with them to advance the cutting-edge underwater robotics technology. Autonomy and advanced sensor processing go hand in hand. The tetherless ROV technology that we are building together under DIU will be game changing.” says Leverett Bezanson, SeeByte Engineering Manager US operations.

The two companies first came together in 2021 to field an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) solution under a DoD OTA (Other Transaction Agreement) led by the DIU (Defense Innovation Unit). This collaboration has resulted in a comprehensive solution built by two industry leaders. The tetherless ROV shown below will feature Greensea Autonomy built in EOD workspace, and SeeByte AI/ML Sensor processing with their video and forward-looking sonar ATR.

Over the last two years the partnership has grown to the point that Greensea and SeeByte are presenting complementary concepts. Shown below is Scott Reed CTO of SeeByte (r) presenting alongside Ben Kinneman (l) at the Canadian MCM Symposium.

2 Ben Kinnaman and Scott ReedBen Kinneman and Scott Reed

US MCM and EOD Defense Units will not be the only ones to see the benefit of this integration, as the resulting vehicle perception, over the horizon command and control, and ML and AI ATR pipeline will also be available in the new commercially available OPENSEA Edge system from Greensea and the ATR system from SeeByte.

In common with the development of many autonomous maritime systems, the initial funding that enabled fast-paced roll-out has come from the military, but the rest of the undersea industry now gets to benefit, as Ben Kinnaman, Greensea CEO states: “Thanks to defense funding, and our willingness to enter into partnerships such as the one here with SeeByte, OPENSEA products will accelerate the viability, reduce the risk and cost, and increase the uptake of subsea autonomy in the commercial marine sphere. The more rapid development of capabilities such as tetherless, over-the-horizon operation, enhanced object recognition and mission-based AI will provide a huge boost in slower autonomy adopting industries, such as offshore energy and ocean science.”

Both Greensea and SeeByte will be attending Oceanology International and WEST2023 in February 2023, if you would like to meet either company or both at the same time please contact them through the websites.


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