NexSens and SeaView Systems Make Waves with Small, Flexible MET Buoy

The CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy by NexSens Technology offers the latest in real-time wave observations in a compact, affordable, easily deployed platform. With an 18in (46cm) hull diameter and weighing less than 30lb (13.6kg), it can be used for drifting, tethering or mooring applications.

The buoy measures wave height, period, direction and more using SeaView Systems’ industry-leading SVS-603 wave sensor, relied upon in buoy networks throughout the world. External sensor ports with wet-mate connectors maximize flexibility with support for adding GPS, meteorological and water quality sensors and more.

“We are excited to announce the CB-25-SVS buoy” said NexSens’ Paul Nieberding, “the next in a line of smaller, smarter buoys that brings together the strengths of NexSens and SeaView to fill an exciting market niche. The CB-25-SVS combines ease of deployment, versatile, configurable sensor selection, support for a variety of telemetry options and out-of-the-box web hosting support for simple MET data accessibility.”

“NexSens buoys are known for their durability and elegant, thoughtful design,” said SeaView’s Dr. Timothy Crandle, “so working with them was a natural fit. We are thrilled to see where our customers will go with this new platform.”

Available with integrated 4G cellular or iridium satellite communications, the CB-25-SVS also offers free, real-time data access and analysis through NexSens’ cloud-based WQData LIVE datacenter.

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