Robosys Launches First-In-Class AI-Supported USV Autopilot for Autonomous Remote Operations

(Image credit: Robosys)

Robosys Automation launched a first-in-class AI-supported USV Autopilot at Oceanology 2024 in London, UK.

Robosys’ new ground-breaking VOYAGER AI Autopilot converts unmanned surface vessels (USVs) into fully autonomous craft, whether new build or retrofit.

The Robosys Autopilot module seamlessly integrates with Robosys’ Voyager AI Survey, being part of the VOYAGER AI software suite, and which enables remote and autonomous heading and speed control as well as various other mission modes for navigation and vessel control specifically for hydrographic and oceanic surveying operations.

Robosys developed the VOYAGER AI AUTOPILOT to meet the demands of the 3 m to 12 m electric drive survey USV market. In addition to the latest electric drives, the system also works with both analogue and digital steering systems. Robosys’ VOYAGER AI suite is easily scalable to full advanced autonomous navigation, which seamlessly integrates with third party steering, drive, and motor control systems to provide optimal vessel functionality for USVs and other craft.

Nigel Lee, CSO of Robosys Automation, which is headquartered at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (UK) comments, “We are delighted to launch Robosys’ new VOYAGER AI Autopilot at Oceanology International, as the system is ideally suited to a large range of survey missions including for ocean and offshore survey platforms, and provides a cost effective and easy onboard system integration into a manufacturer’s often complex integration protocols and messaging.”

Robosys’ VOYAGER AI software is regarded as the world-leading maritime artificial intelligence (AI) software, which delivers autonomous navigation and remote control for unmanned surface vessels’ (USV) control systems at various levels of autonomy.

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