Aker BP Orders Two Remote Systems from Optime Subsea

A ROCS unit in Optime Subsea’s workshop at Notodden, Norway. Credit: Elisabeth Fosse/Optime Subsea.

Aker BP has contracted Optime Subsea to deliver two Remotely Operated Controls Systems (ROCS).

In February last year, Aker BP completed its first subsea well completion operation using ROCS on the Ærfugl field. The company has since then successfully run the ROCS on six more wells, without any down time.

“Our own analyses show significant benefits of applying the ROCS instead of a traditional system when completing subsea wells. We have reduced our operating time, hence reducing the weather window requirement, we see less HSE exposure on the drill floor, have lowered our CO2 footprint and through digitalization we have removed 45 tons of surface equipment. In sum a great simplification and improvement of our subsea operations, in line with our strategy,” says Mads Rødsjø, VP D&W Operations at Aker BP.

This has resulted in Aker BP ordering two new, second-generation ROCS from Optime through a period of three years, with additional two years as options.

The second-generation system will come with a new stand-alone communication system for even greater rig flexibility and efficient operations. In addition, both systems will be supplied with Optime`s new universal landing string system (Panpipe), capable of being sheared and sealed on all its length. In sum, this position Optime as a complete service provider in this segment.

Two out of ten

The Aker BP order follows Optime Subsea’s decision earlier this year to invest a three-figure NOK million amount in building ten similar ROCS systems.

“We know that our ROCS technology is a vehicle to significantly reduce operators’ costs and carbon footprint. The decision to make the upfront investment in ten systems was based on our market position and the interest received from operators globally, as well as global market disruptions including supply chain constraints. We are delighted that Aker BP, who has been crucial in the successful development and testing of ROCS, has placed an order for two systems,” says Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea.

WEB Jan Fredrik Carlsen CEO Optime Subsea 1Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea. Credit: Elisabeth Fosse/Optime Subsea.

Time and cost saver

Optime Subsea’s ROCS eliminates the need for the costly and heavy umbilical that runs from the topside to seabed to control the tubing hanger during completions of subsea wells. More importantly, the ROCS limits the health and safety concerns using a large topside hydraulic unit, with risk of damaging personnel and environment.  “Our ROCS is 100 percent universal, with a proven track record in reducing cost as well as health, safety and the environmental risks. It can be utilized by any subsea field operator worldwide and immediately return these benefits to the operators,” adds Jan-Fredrik Carlsen.

Notodden, Norway

The equipment will be manufactured and assembled at Optime Subsea’s headquarter and main manufacturing site at Notodden, Norway, and then supplied to Aker BP in Norway.

Optime Subsea has not disclosed the value of the contract.

Optime Subsea has offices in Notodden, Norway, and Houston, Texas. Over the past five years, the company has established itself as a leading specialist on subsea intervention and controls systems globally.

ROCS details:

  • When completing subsea wells, the tubing hanger is placed on top of the wellhead, as a seal towards the rest of the subsea well.
  • Normally the tubing hanger is controlled through a dedicated hydraulic umbilical which adds a large 20-30 feet control container. When running the umbilical, it is also clamped to the tubing for increased stability.
  • ROCS replaces these operations by remotely controlling a controls unit toward the wellhead. This allows for safer, simpler and more efficient operations.
  • ROCS is mobilized in a single basket, prepared and made up onshore, allowing it to be ready to run immediately when offshore, from a rig. Avoiding mobilization of 50 ton + of topside equipment

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