Breakthrough Project Nets Repeat Business for Viewport3

Aberdeen-based Subsea 3D scanning specialists, Viewport3, have completed a five-figure contract with leading North Sea services provider, N-Sea, to perform underwater 3D scanning operations on North Sea assets.

The Dutch-owned integrated subsea infrastructure services provider have contracted Viewport3 to carry out subsea scanning which will facilitate 3D scanning of mooring links, providing 3D data to help clamp and cofferdam design.

The new contract follows on from a project Viewport3 carried in 2018, which saw them scanning multiple locations at a North Sea-based semi-submersible in order to retrieve 3D data to aid cofferdam design and construction.

image1529Viewport3’s highly accurate photogrammetry technique provided sub-millimetric data in less than half the time the operation would typically take, while onboard review of the point-cloud data facilitated early analysis and confirmation that the capture was complete.

Richard Drennan, one of the co-founders and directors of Viewport3, said: “N-Sea’s approach to problem solving is the perfect platform for our technology. Working with them last year proved to be a catalyst for growth in our most successful year to date. As a result of that project, the customer gained confidence in our ability to deliver pin-point accurate data in a market-leading time-frame.”

Fellow director and co-founder, Chris Harvey, added: “We take home sub-millimetric data that our customers can rely on. It’s a crucial point – the accuracy of the point-cloud data that we collect will ensure that the design of the custom clamp precisely matches the intended geometry. As this will eliminate the need for the clamp to be re-worked on site, vessel days will be reduced, potentially generating savings running into seven figures.

“The simplicity of our capture process will also save time during the project – we can begin scanning as soon as we enter the water, and integrate readily into existing work-flows, minimizing disruption and risk.”

Viewport3 specialize in providing underwater 3D scanning and reverse engineering services – using ROV or diver mounted cameras to obtain technical grade point-cloud data for operators and marine contractors.

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