Faster Buoy Sets with Zupt

Pre spud buoy sets have traditionally required an LBL array for a relative positioning accuracy of better than 1m or 3ft. Using our precise inertial navigation system Zupt can deliver accurate buoy sets without needing to deploy or calibrate an array on the seabed saving significant vessel time.

Align, Set, Finish

Using a known coordinate from a nearby subsea structure (manifold) Zupt’s INS will stab into a receptacle and align. After this alignment our INS can begin to accurately position buoys relative to this coordinate.

No Receptacle? No Problem!

Zupt has deployed subsea receptacles installed onto simple frames with known offsets that can butt up to a nearby structure to provide an alignment location for the INS. The dimensional control of the structure in addition to the known offsets on the frame provide sub meter accuracy from the structure to the buoy set pattern. We can also align in any transponder frame or “bucket”.

Receptacle for buoy sets being deployed to side of PLET

Buoy Set Frames

Zupt buoy set frames allow the INS to position multiple buoys as a single task, instead of individual buoys. This method provides exceptional relative accuracy between buoys.

4 2Zupt2Zupt Buoy Set Frame for Four Buoy Set Pattern

Have A Unique Buoy Pattern and No Lead Time for a Frame?

If a unique buoy pattern exists and no lead time is available to fabricate a frame, Zupt INS will place each buoy relative to the alignment point. Independently placing each buoy relative to the subsea receptacle will deliver metrology level tolerances between the buoys.


  • Reduced Vessel time. Operation can be completed in under 4 hours!
  • Real-time positioning for buoy placements.
  • High update rate – ROV know exactly where to place buoy.
  • No time taken for LBL array deployment and calibration.
  • Buoy set personnel and equipment are on site for follow up metrology once the well is spudded – if needed.

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