Global Marine Orders Next Generation Subsea Plough from Osbit

Scion 240

Osbit Limited, an offshore technology and engineering company, has secured a contract with Global Marine Group to supply an advanced multi-function pre-lay and backfill subsea plough.

The plough, named Scion 240, represents the fourth major trenching system contract Osbit has secured in two years and will deliver a step-change in ploughing technology.

The Scion 240 reduces the cost of offshore wind by minimizing the operational risk and the time required to install subsea cables. The system offers unrivalled single pass capability delivering boulder clearance and pre-trenching up to 1.7m in a single run, leaving a boulder cleared swathe and a ‘backfill-ready’ open trench with segregated spoil.

The system is fully subsea adjustable and features an extensive surveillance suite for accurate route tracking and effective trenching. This extensive functionality is provided through Osbit’s class-leading control technology, which consists of an open source modular system incorporating Osbit Integrated Logistics Support (OILS) asset monitoring, packaged in an ergonomic control cabin.

The Scion 240 can also be reconfigured into backfill mode, which uses the same control and surveillance suite to monitor the cable and trench profile, enabling reliable backfilling whilst ensuring the safety of the cable at all times.

Osbit has an extensive track record in the design, build and modification of subsea vehicles, with subsea heritage spanning many decades. Osbit engineers have played key roles in the early development of subsea vehicles and have also been involved in more recent technological breakthroughs in this area.

The Scion 240 plough is being designed and built in North-East England and will be delivered from Osbit’s Blyth works at the end of May 2019. Osbit will support Global Marine Group and their customer with sea trials and be available to assist Scion 240 as it commences work on its first project later in the summer.

Osbit Director Robbie Blakeman said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been selected by Global Marine Group to deliver this project, which demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative subsea trenching solutions. Osbit has proven its capability in delivering subsea vehicles and we are proud to be realizing the future of ploughing technology with this technically compelling system, built on our proven subsea technology, which offers Global Marine Group real differentiation in the market.

“This project is a great case study showcasing our unique working practices. We collaborated with the Global Marine Group team and its customer to develop an appropriately engineered solution that is both operationally and commercially effective. Our team is also working closely with our fantastic supply chain, which is predominantly based in the North East.

We are hard at work and looking forward to delivering the completed system On Spec, to Budget and In Time”.

Martyn Drye, Director of Engineering at Global Marine Group, said “The Scion 240 Plough is an exciting new subsea tool for our business; offering boulder clearance and pre-trenching in a single pass is an industry-first. Our team of in-house engineers, working closely with Osbit, developed this solution, which delivers not only for our significant inaugural project, but also for the long-term, meeting the needs of our customers in multiple sectors. We’re excited to receive the Plough in Q2, 2019, and begin work towards the summer, later this year.”

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