Halfwave Awarded Four Major Subsea Inspection Contracts


Halfwave, the in-line oil and gas pipeline inspection technology company, has been awarded four significant contract wins for subsea inspection in the first half of 2019, marking a period of notable success for the Norwegian company.

The contracts will see its ROV mounted ARTEMIS® tool utilized on major oilfield projects around the world. The tool, which utilizes Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) to provide wall thickness inspection of subsea assets, has been deployed offshore in the Gulf of Mexico by a major multi-national operator. It is used to inspect an unpiggable 8” coated pipeline situated in ultra-deep-water of 2,400m.

ARTEMIS in action 2ARTEMIS in action

In two further wins, it has been used in Norwegian waters to inspect a 12” piggyback pipeline for AkerBP and will be used to inspect a concrete coated pipeline for an Australian operator. Finally, ARTEMIS will carry out a reinspection of 6”, 10” and 14” subsea flowlines for its client DOF Subsea in Australia, where the data collected will be used to extend the expected life of the field.

Paul Cooper, Halfwave, CEO said: “We are delighted with our strong head start for 2019, these major contracts show Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) is fast becoming the preferred technology for pipeline inspection. It is the most cost-effective method of inspecting coated, unpiggable, risers, flowlines pipelines, and the high accuracy of the results is proven to be vital for operator that intends to extend the operational life cycle of their pipelines.

“These project awards demonstrate the expected increased industry acceptance and market adoption of Acoustic Resonance Technology.

ARTEMIS is a highly accurate inspection tool which overcomes the typical limitations of traditional inspection methods. The acoustic signals are proven to transmit through coatings and surface deposits far more effectively than conventional non-destructive inspection methods. With its unique sensor design, it is able to perform a full circumferential scan in less than 15 minutes with parallel live analysis.

Its unique design requires limited dredging and it is specially designed with quick interface that allows for easy integration with all relevant ROVs in the market. With minimal or no adjustment in some cases, the ARTEMIS can be modified to inspection variations of pipeline diameters (ranging from 6” – 18”).

Mr. Cooper continued: “The integrity and efficiency of pipeline operations is absolutely fundamental to this industry and ARTEMIS provides our clients exactly that.”

“In all four of these instances, we provided a unique value propositions in terms of viability of inspection and best in class operational excellence. Cost effective and speedy inspection are no barrier to safe and reliable operations, and the reassurance we provide clients is second to none in terms of our accuracy and reliability.”

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