Kystdesign Awarded Record Contract by Omega Subsea Robotics

Tore Nedland, CEO of Kystdesign, celebrates the largest contract in company history, supplying four cutting-edge Constructor WROV systems to Omega Subsea Robotics

Kystdesign AS is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a contract by Omega Subsea Robotics AS to supply four state-of-the-art Constructor WROV systems.

This accomplishment further solidifies Kystdesign’ s reputation as a trusted and dependable provider of cutting-edge underwater robotics across diverse industries.

“This is the largest contract in Kystdesign’ s history,” said Tore Nedland, CEO of Kystdesign AS.

“We are thrilled to begin a long-term collaboration with another local customer. We extend our sincere gratitude to our hardworking employees whose contributions made this achievement possible, and we would like to express our appreciation to Omega Subsea Robotics for their confidence in us.”

2 Kystdesign Omega Subsea Robotics 062023 2 1The employees at Kystdesign play a vital role in assembling the state-of-the-art Constructor Mk 2 ROV systems, contributing to the fulfillment of the contract with Omega Subsea Robotics

Omega Subsea Robotics is an industrial collaboration between Solstad Offshore and Omega Subsea, formed to facilitate joint investments in ROV systems and associated equipment. With the joint project management and personnel services capabilities of Omega Subsea and Solstad Offshore, the investments further enable Solstad to increase its presence in the oil and gas and renewable energy segments and expand its service offerings.

The record delivery between the companies consists of four Kystdesign Constructor Mk 2 ROV systems – 220 hp ROV systems with a depth rating of 3000 m. The Constructor ROV is a key product in Kystdesign’ s line-up reflecting the company’ s steadfast determination to deliver cutting-edge solutions for underwater operations.

3 Kystdesign Omega Subsea Robotics 062023 3 1Kystdesign’s office located in Aksdal, Rogaland – Norway

Following delivery by the end of 2023 the ROV systems will be mobilized on board nominated vessels in the Solstad fleet. The nomination of vessels and the timing of the mobilization on board will be determined by Solstad Offshore during the remainder of 2023. Omega Subsea will be responsible for managing, operating, and staffing the ROV systems in the future.

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