Multiple Operators Adopting Enpro’s Patented FAM Technology

Enpro Subsea has presented examples of where its Flow Access Module (FAM) technology has been selected by multiple international operators as part of its fast-paced subsea field development strategies.

Delivering a paper at OTC in Houston earlier this month, entitled ‘Subsea field development using innovative jumper mounted flow access technology and standardized hardware’ the production optimization specialist presented examples of how operators have realized the commercial and schedule benefits of open subsea architecture by adopting Enpro’s patented Flow Access Module (FAM) technology.

FAM essentially creates an enhanced production ‘USB port’ within the jumper envelope. This enables the use of standard subsea Xmas trees and manifolds, with the FAM providing life of field flexibility within the system design. The technology delivers ‘Smart Standardization’, enabling a range of production enhancing technologies for things such as flow measurement, flow assurance, digital and intervention to be installed at any stage throughout the life of field.

Enpro Subsea sales director Craig McDonaldEnpro Subsea Sales Director Craig McDonald

Enpro Subsea sales director Craig McDonald said: “Since our first FAM was deployed in the Gulf of Mexico three years ago, FAM has been rapidly adopted for more than 50 wells globally, across 16 oilfields. The technology has been selected as part of a future-proof field development strategy. Installing FAM hubs provides operators with the reassurance that they can retrofit any technology to its subsea architecture or react to any production challenges in future field life.

“FAM aligns with the industry drive for standardization to enable fast track, capital efficient field development – achieving short project cycle times and ultimately delivering first oil faster.”

Enpro Subsea recently announced its most ambitious growth plans to date. It aims to double its global sales by 2021 and has plans for its workforce to increase from 45 to 70.

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