AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel™ – Stage 3 Certified

More than ten years ago in August of 2008, the AXYS Technology (AXYS) team deployed the world’s first floating LiDAR system off the coast of Western Canada to demonstrate that LiDAR technology was also capable of measuring wind at various heights offshore.

Initial tests against offshore met masts proved out the AXYS engineers’ hunches, and soon after AXYS conducted the first commercial campaigns gathering wind data offshore using the AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinelTM.

The world’s leading energy developers have been confident relying on the AXYS data for more than a decade, given the success of the AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinelTM in passing the world’s most validations to Carbon Trust Standards against met masts all over the world in a variety of sea conditions.

Following the publication of the revised Carbon Trust roadmap and the clarification of Stage 3 study requirements, AXYS pulled together a team of experts from Multiversum, Fraser Nash and DNV GL to independently conduct the required long-term classification studies and to review mast verifications and completed campaign reliabilities to confirm that the buoy collects accurately, reliably and with low environmental uncertainties in locations all around the world.

With the certification work finalized in December of 2022, there is now irrefutable evidence of the traceable bankability of the AXYS data. “This Stage 3 certification is the latest confirmation for our clients and their project investors that the data we gather from any of these sites around the world is sound and can be relied on for their financing and design decisions.” stated PS Reilly, CEO & President of AXYS.

Over the last fifteen years AXYS has continued to advance and harden the system to ensure it is best-in-class to handle the unique challenges of offshore data collection.

The AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinelTM proprietary design is notable for its dual LiDAR design and its other redundancies in sensors, power systems, communication paths, and onboard data storage and acquisition systems to increase data campaign performance. Its military-grade hull and superstructure design are uniquely suited to handle the risks of vessel strikes, local interference and extreme sea conditions. It has survived and continued to collect data without capsizing or flipping over in the face of strong currents, high winds and waves associated with typhoons/super typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes, bomb cyclones and other significant weather conditions found in Europe/UK, Asia and the Americas.

To minimize service interruptions, it can also be managed remotely through a strong monitoring and onboard control system. “We have created a digital twin of the AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinelTM that lets us view and manage the health of the major systems and subsystems on the buoy remotely no matter where they are in the world,” clarified PS Reilly. “We have built a secure, reliable network operations center to manage the technology’s uptime in order to provide our clients the most accurate and complete data set possible to make the decisions that face them.”

AXYS provides these systems to clients all around the world with the help of their local partners, a group of leading data analyst firms, marine service providers and vessel firms.


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