BIRNS Invests in New Cutting Edge Testing and Inspection Equipment

BIRNS, Inc. has recently invested in advanced equipment for the development and testing protocols for its high performance connectors and cable assemblies. The investment is to meet the needs of the ever-increasing levels of precision that are required in the applications of the company’s wide customer base. The NAVSEA PRO-020 certified global subsea design and manufacturing leader is pleased to add two new precision inspection machines to its industry-leading engineering and testing programs.

Video Measurement SystemPins magnified for inspection using the Video Measuring system

The new systems include a direct computer control (DCC) Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which allows BIRNS technicians to download 3D engineering models into the machine to measure a part directly from the model. The machine uses a touch probe to take exceptionally precise measurements of any object automatically via computer. This technology provides 9 micron accuracy and 3 micron repeatability, and allows computerized geometric inspection of connector pins, shells and other key components on three separate axes (X, Y, Z). Points are generated which can then be analyzed via regression algorithms.

BIRNS also purchased and is utilizing a Starrett HDV300 Video Measuring system, new technology that combines the power of an optical comparator with digital video, hi-res cameras, telecentric optics and LED illumination. The machine is computerized, and comes with a range of lenses that provide micron-level resolution and optical distortion as low as .001% for powerfully accurate measurements of straight lines, circles, and distances between points on inserts and other connector parts.

“More precise product designs and tighter tolerances demand more advanced measurement and verification techniques and tools. As our products become more sophisticated, we are adding more state-of-the-art measurement and verification systems,” says John Cuthbertson, Quality Assurance Manager at BIRNS. “The DCC CMM and the Video Measuring system are just the newest advantages we’re adding to our manufacturing and quality operations in a concerted effort to ensure that we answer the call for such levels of accuracy, and that our products remain the quality leaders in the industry.” 


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