Coda Octopus Introduces New Short-Range High-Definition Underwater Imaging Sonar

Coda Octopus Group, Inc., announces that it is releasing to the market a new short-range high-definition underwater imaging sonar Echoscope® CIVS (Close-In Visualization System).

CodaOctopusThe Echoscope® CIVS forms part of the compact PIPE series.  It was developed for a US Navy sponsor with a program requirement aimed at ultra-high resolution real-time 3D imaging of complex shape targets at short range. 

The Echoscope® CIVS system breaks new barriers in real-time 3D imaging systems and is built on the Echoscope PIPE (Parallel Intelligent Processing Engine) architecture using for the first-time imaging frequencies over 1MHz to create high resolution 3D images in real time. The system further employs new multi-aspect imaging technology to allow dynamic Field of View windowing to tune and isolate targets in the scene for further enhancement. It also enables faster imaging update rates to avoid acoustic challenges in often cluttered short-range environments. The CIVS system fills a much-needed gap in capabilities for high-resolution demanding applications that targets objects sized at under one inch.  This system may be used for EOD target identification, construction, renewables and Oil and Gas in-field tasks that require real time 3D close-up visualization with tight tolerance precision data such as integration with manipulators or reporting of asset conditions, and inspection and surveys of critical assets. In this context, the functionality of optical cameras and laser systems is constrained, whereas the Echoscope® CIVS system employs acoustic range gating to overcome these challenges.

 The Echoscope® CIVS system is already being integrated in two Navy programs and after completion of successful First Article Inspection with the Navy Sponsor and further internal development by Coda Octopus, it will be released as a commercial product for customers and systems integrators who require similar ultra-high-resolution close-up imaging. The Echoscope® CIVS system is fully integrated in not only our standard 4G USE® software package for all survey and inspection applications, but specifically in the DAVD (Diver Augmented Vision Display) system for hand-held inspection of critical assets and targets.

The Echoscope® CIVS system is currently available in the compact C500 format which allows much smaller vehicles and platforms to integrate this unique technology. Additionally, it will be made available with the OEM Integrators pack, providing simple real-time XYZ output and control of the system.

Blair Cunningham, President of Technology said “We have a number of patent applications pending around this technology. The Echoscope® CIVS system for the first time allows controlled and dynamic imaging of very small features and targets at very short ranges. This is a different target market than our traditional Echoscope® users.  The traditional Echoscope® imaging is for ranges of 5 to 150 meters. The Echoscope® CIVS is designed for imaging targets from 0.5 to 20 meters.  Classically, this is for real time close-up high-resolution Identification of small targets and features in 3D real-time”.

The Echoscope® CIVS will be featured at our most important trade show at Oceanology International 2022 in London which takes place between March 15th and 17th, 2022.

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