Fairfield Geotechnologies Strategic Growth and Investment Campaign

Fairfield Geotechnologies, a pioneer in ocean bottom node seismic acquisition services and technology, has launched an aggressive growth and investment campaign.

This multi-year capital program will enhance Fairfield Geotechnologies’ core business by expanding its node inventory and associated system capacity to better serve the increasing global demand for node-based acquisition services. The Company is also executing on its strategy to expand the market for node based seismic surveys through multiple sales channels and innovative commercial models. Fairfield Geotechnologies also continues to rapidly extend its product and services platform for data acquisitions, reservoir management services and multi-client data through targeted acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

FairfieldGeoThe seismic data acquisition industry has seen significant upheaval in the past few years as it rebounds from the recent downturn. Fairfield Geotechnologies successfully navigated the downturn by reengineering its business model, investing heavily in talent and operating with commercial consistency while maintaining industry-leading safety and operating practices. The Company has the most diverse and widespread base for nodal surveys and is well positioned to benefit from the increase in demand. Fairfield Geotechnologies has had significant successes recently in securing a robust backlog of projects including recently announced projects in the Middle East and the Gulf of Mexico.

“Fairfield Geo, through the strength of our people, our technology and our history of having successfully completed the most node-based seismic surveys globally has earned the trust and recognition of our customers and the industry,” says Charles (Chuck) Davison, CEO of Fairfield Geotechnologies. “We will continue to build on that legacy and reputation through targeted and aggressive capital investments while continuing to exceed our customers’ expectations for efficiency and safety. We are seeing a significant surge in demand for node-based data and services and we will continue to invest to meet and serve our customer’s needs.”

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