MacArtney Novelty Meets the Harsh Challenges of Subsea Exploration

LUXUS Dual 360º P/T is a heavy-duty pan-and-tilt unit suitable for a wide range of actuation tasks and intended for many applications in subsea tooling. It represents a unique and powerful addition to MacArtney’s LUXUS range of underwater cameras, lights, and media controllers.

The LUXUS brand of MacArtney instrumentation represents cameras, lights, controllers, and accessories – together with the latest novelty now being launched: a slip-ring based pan-and-tilt unit. The LUXUS series serves the purpose of combining operational and service flexibility, excellent performance and reliability in the most severe subsea environments. The sturdy and modern design of the different LUXUS units and their versatile first-rate specifications make them ideal for a multitude of demanding underwater tasks and uses.

One solution – multiple applications

Being rugged and durable enough for virtually any environment, LUXUS Dual 360º P/T is ideal for heavy-duty operations involving various tools and instruments like work class ROVs, rock dump ROVs, trenchers and ploughs as well as for surveillance operations.

Being based on standard housings, the LUXUS series allows for swapping e.g. lights and cameras in the field in a fast and convenient manner.

Unique product features

The unique properties of the LUXUS Dual 360º P/T feature qualities like a high torque of 100 Nm and a payload of 100 kg. Besides, this LUXUS product is the first pan-and-tilt unit to be featuring unlimited movements of both 360º pan and 360º tilt. This is made possible by means of the mounted slip rings enabling full-scale activation and thus facilitating operation at all angles.

LUXUS Dual 360º P/T is very easily integrated with existing underwater vehicles, systems and sensor platforms. It is ideal for combination with MacArtney’s other LUXUS products like the LUXUS HD Ethernet camera, the LUXUS Power LED, and the LUXUS High Power LED lights. The LUXUS Dual 360º P/T can be controlled via the LUXUS P&T Controller or directly by means of the software that comes with the unit, installed on a PC.

According to Ron Voerman, Managing Director of MacArtney Benelux, the comprehensive range of LUXUS products is meant to further empower users of LUXUS equipment: – We take pride in following up on feedback from LUXUS users and wish to continuously enable even more flexible and efficient use of our cameras and lights.

For additional information, please contact Ron Voerman, [email protected], or visit the company website  

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