Okeanus Acquires Deep Water Lights, Lasers and HD Cameras

Superior underwater light and camera equipment allows the capture of subsea applications with quality and accuracy.

Okeanus Science and Technology (Okeanus) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a suite of deep water lights, lasers and high-definition cameras to its portfolio of rental equipment. Capturing subsea applications requires powerful underwater lights, video and still cameras, and laser lights. Okeanus offers the ability to secure underwater imagery without the high cost associated with purchasing an array of equipment for your subsea project.

Okeanus has a collection of remote underwater cameras from R232 to HD quality, fully dimmable LED lights, halogen, and ultraviolet lights, and different color lasers. This collection of highly specialized rental equipment includes the DeepSea Power & Light SeaLite Six and SeaLite Sphere, Sidus SS501 Green Laser, and Insite Pacific Mini Zeus Deep Water HD Video Camera.

ROV light attachments available to rent from Okeanus include the SeaLite Six and SeaLite Sphere from DeepSea Power & Light, both safely operable in or out of water. The SeaLite Six is a powerful ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diode (LED) light that can be used for leak detection and magnetic particle inspection (MPI). The SeaLite Sphere is a fully dimmable LED light that offers a direct replacement for a halogen light. For deep water pointing and scaling, the Sidus SS501 Green Laser is both powerful and flexible with a 45-degree line beam for depth analysis. Obtaining superior video images of subsea environments is made possible with the Mini Zeus Deep Water HD Video Camera from Insite Pacific. This high-definition CMOS color zoom video camera operates via RS232 link for remote zoom and focus control with 2,000,000 effective pixels.

“We believe that the addition of these lights, cameras, and lasers further solidifies our position as a premier rental solutions provider to our customers who are actively engaged in ROV operations,” stated Benton LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of Okeanus. “We hope that our customers will leverage the opportunity to lease these assets rather than purchasing them, which will allow them to be in a much more competitive position when proposing potential projects.”

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