Okeanus Adds LARS Package to Rental Fleet

Okeanus Science & Technology, LLC (Okeanus), an established marine equipment and engineering services provider, announces that it has added a 4,000lb SWL Launch & Recovery System (LARS) to its extensive rental fleet of oceanographic and marine deck equipment.

The system can be provided with either an Okeanus DT-1020EHLWR 20hp slip ring winch with 2,000m of .450” armored coax cable or an Okeanus DT-3025EHLWR 25hp slip ring winch with 3,200m of .322” armored coax cable, allowing customers to reach depths in excess of 3,000m with whichever instrumentation package their project requires. Each winch is setup to operate the LARS A-Frame from the local controls on the winch utilizing the winches’ hydraulic systems for deployment and recovery.

2018 10 8 LARS PR image1The skid that the LARS is mounted to measures 13’6” long (with the outside A-Frame supports) by 7’ wide, which allows for easy transportation and rapid, cost-effective mobilization. The 4,000lb SWL A-Frame has inside clearances of 6’ wide by 8’ 8” high, allowing for clearance for most packages that this LARS can support.

Benton LeBlanc, Managing Director, commented on the addition, “This Launch & Recovery System is an extremely welcomed addition to our lease pool, and we are very proud to have produced this versatile product utilizing our own products in house. Our goal has always been to be known as the premier provider of turnkey rental solutions for the oceanographic and offshore survey sectors, and this addition has further enhanced that position. When paired with our extensive fleet of oceanographic sampling and hydrographic survey gear, our customers will receive a truly all-in-one solution which will hopefully allow them to cut down on mobilization time and costs and get them to work on their projects in a more rapid and safe manner.”

Okeanus provides turnkey, packaged solutions that can include all of the equipment needed for environmental sampling and hydrographic survey projects, including sensors, water and sediment sampling equipment, and the launch and recovery equipment necessary for the deployment and retrieval of these underwater instrumentation packages. Customers are able to operate more efficiently with Okeanus’ ready-to-go, off the shelf systems, which can be rented or purchased depending on project needs.

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