SGB 2000 Gyrocompass from Teledyne TSS Certified for IMO Vessel Carriage

The SGB 2000 gyrocompass manufactured by Teledyne TSS has been certified by Det Norske Veritas as meeting the standard required for use aboard IMO (International Maritime Organisation) registered ships. This means that ship owners can now use a compass from one of the most respected brand names in bridge equipment and benefit from the latest gyro technology and advances in design. The certification confirms that the SGB 2000 meets all of the performance standards required by the IMO and enables flag states to authorise its use on any ship required to carry one.

The SGB 2000 is a high performance solid state gyrocompass that meets the needs of customers requiring a cost-effective source of primary heading data. It incorporates maintenance free ring laser gyros and accelerometers which have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) in excess of 300,000 hours. With no moving parts and no requirement for regular maintenance the SGB 2000 offers the owners of every type of ship a real cost saving alternative to mechanical gyrocompasses. By using high grade inertial sensing elements with their exceptionally high MTBF the designers of the SGB2000 have created a rugged, high performance gyrocompass that sets new standards for the industry.

The extremely accurate and stable headings are provided by the gyro which has a dynamic accuracy <0.25° RMS secant latitude that can be maintained during turns of up to 200 degrees per second. With a fast settling time and low power consumption the SGB 2000 is suitable for use on fast survey craft operating in rough, confined waters or for integration within the bridge of the largest ocean-going vessels.

Integration is aided by the SGB 2000’s flexible interface which allows easy connectivity to existing ships’ systems. Teledyne TSS also produces a comprehensive range of repeaters designed to complement the SGB 2000. The gyro is also available in a subsea housing which enables the unit to be used in a variety of configurations at depths down to 3,000 metres from where it can support a wide range of subsea activities.

The S G Brown brand name became part of the Teledyne TSS Ltd product range following the company’s acquisition in 1998. The adoption of S G Brown personnel, expertise and technology now enables Teledyne TSS to assume the mantle of a company that has been manufacturing gyrocompasses for commercial and naval ships since 1911. It has grown into one of the most respected names in the industry and the need for commercial shipping to carry type-approved gyrocompasses has maintained a demand for high quality products.

Teledyne TSS has responded to this by pursuing a sustained programme of product development that has been combined with a realistic pricing policy. The certification of the SGB 2000 to IMO standards is the latest development in this on-going evolution. A key part of that progress has been the company’s move away from the original S G Brown factory in Watford to spacious modern facilities in nearby Croxley Green. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in gyrocompass output which makes the long lead times once faced by customers a thing of the past. Improved product design and just-in-time manufacturing techniques now mean that customers can acquire a Teledyne TSS gyrocompass on the same day if necessary. In addition to its range of surface and subsea gyro-compasses, Teledyne TSS also manufactures high integrity products for the marine and offshore oil and gas markets. These include motion sensors, inertial navigation systems and pipe and cable detection and survey systems.

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