Trelleborg Launches New Compact Series of Quick Release Hooks, Optimizing Performance with a Smaller Footprint

Trelleborg has launched a brand new series of Quick Release Hooks (QRHs), designed specifically for smaller and simpler mooring applications, where traditional large and more complex QRHs are not appropriate.

Due to an increase in vessel size and the need to optimize safety, there has been an increasing demand for load monitoring and remote release functionality to reduce operators’ exposure to danger through controlled release of the mooring lines. The need for these capabilities in a more compact footprint has largely driven the development of the QRH Compact Series. These smaller and simpler hooks have primarily been developed to meet the needs of commercial ports and wharfs, which require a more compact installation footprint than traditional hooks could offer, or as a replacement for more traditional bollard applications.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg Marine Systems, says: “We have reacted to the need to improve the efficiency and safety of mooring operations with a QRH designed specifically for smaller and simpler applications. We are also committed to our business in the LNG sector, and as such, we believe many of the features of the new series of hooks will meet the needs of the small-scale LNG market as it evolves.”
QRH Compact Series
The QRH Compact Series combines the knowledge of Trelleborg’s vastly experienced engineering team with FEA software, providing an optimized solution for less complex and lower rating mooring applications, and representing a viable alternative to bollards for commercial ports and fuel wharfs.

The new hook also reduces maintenance requirements through a single stage locking mechanism which has fewer moving parts, and is available in a range of designs including single, double, triple and quad hooks in capacities up to 50T.

Proven in service
 Trelleborg’s QRHs are field proven since 1972 and installed in over 500 facilities worldwide. As is the case across the entire portfolio of Trelleborg Marine Systems, the QRH Compact Series is manufactured under strict quality control, with Trelleborg taking the project from design through to installation, providing aftercare services including maintenance and operational training and maintenance programs.
Trelleborg’s new Quick Release Hook Compact Series will officially launch at Gastech 2014, at the Kintex in Korea. Trelleborg will also be showcasing its Seatechnik™ Universal Safety Link (USL). Another truly innovative product, it was developed by Trelleborg in response to the market requirement for a Ship-Shore Link (SSL) which addresses the needs of the rapidly developing LNG marine fuel and small scale transfer market looking to adopt best practice.

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