Poliservizi s.r.l. Adds New ROV Flunder to Its Equipment

Mariscope Mediterraneo consolidates its position on Europe after a year and a half of work, through the acquisition of its recently launched ROV Flunder by the Italian company Poliservizi s.r.l.

Mariscope, with more than 25 years in the industry, has committed to the development of the Mediterranean through this subsidiary, offering high quality underwater robotics, oceanographic equipment and customized solutions to our client’s needs.

2 FlunderROVAlthough the start of the activities of this Mariscope Meerestechnik subsidiary coincided with the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, it worked continuously to bring Mariscope´s technology and wide range of products to customers, and to support them.

The choice of this ROV by a company with a long history in the field such as Poliservizi s.r.l. shows the result of this uninterrupted work.

3 FlunderROVThis recently launched ROV model has characteristic power and speed complemented by excellent maneuverability, derived from its low-profile design and its six 450 W each vectorized thrusters. Its stainless-steel structural chassis gives it a robustness and resistance that is unique in this type of vehicle.

In addition to its high-resolution Full HD camera with integrated laser pointers and high-power LED lights, which together provide a high-quality image, it is equipped with top of the line accessories such as a Tritech Seaprince sonar and a Easytrack USBL from Applied Acoustic. This allows Poliservizi to use it for a wide range of task and services up to 500 meters depth.

Poliservizi s.r.l., founded in 1987 and based in Rome, has a dynamic team of specialists with extensive experience in the

The complementarity between a high-quality product like this Mariscope ROV, with the experience and seriousness of service of a company like Poliservizi, will allow to achieve excellent results in the services to its customers.

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