Indoi, Mauritius Telecom to Build Indian Ocean Exchange Cable System

IOX Cable Ltd, a subsidiary of Indoi Ltd, has signed a MOU with Mauritius Telecom to build a state of the art submarine cable system, known as the Indian Ocean Exchange (IOX) Cable System.

This US$150 million cable project will allow Mauritius to have a third independent undersea cable connectivity to Africa and the rest of the world and in turn reinforce Mauritius, as an emerging innovation giant in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The IOX cable system will be the first open access cable system in the region and offer the opportunity for any licensed operators to benefit from the latest technology and seamless access, throughout the life cycle of the cable system. The IOX undersea cable system design will also allow it to connect to existing and future undersea cable projects off the East coast of Africa. The IOX cable system will be the first open access cable system in the region.

This third undersea cable initiative will also act as a hotbed, to accelerate the development of technology-enabled business and innovation. It will permit the African and Indian business community to connect seamlessly, by leveraging on fast and reliable digital infrastructure, ranging from undersea cable to data centers and cloud platforms. Furthermore, this will significantly enhance and improve the development of the broadband infrastructure in Mauritius to support and drive new economic models centered around the new digital economy.

The IOX Cable is expected to be ready for commercial service by the first quarter of 2019.

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