SpeedCast, Axxess Marine Join to Develop Superyacht Data Management

SpeedCast International Limited and Axxess Marine are joining forces to revolutionize the way superyacht customers manage their data usage through SpeedCast’s reliable VSAT communications solution.

Axxess Marine’s industry-changing contract-free online portal gives customers complete control over their spending, enabling customers to tailor their data tariff to suit their needs – wherever they are in the world. Customers can also pause and remotely restart their VSAT service via Dynamic Suspension®.

Piers Cunningham, Vice President, Maritime Services, SpeedCast, commented, “This kind of flexibility enables our customers to have complete control over their service – something that is unprecedented in the maritime industry. Working with Axxess Marine is a perfect fit because they’re as focused as we are on providing their customers with the best possible service. When our services are combined, we make a real difference to the global yacht industry.”

“We believe SpeedCast is as progressive and forward-thinking as we are at Axxess Marine and that’s why we enjoy working with them,” said Kym Petrie, Axxess Marine Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. “Historically, Axxess Marine has revolutionized the manner with which superyachts are able to control their own data communication needs. As partners, SpeedCast and Axxess Marine have listened to what customers in the maritime sector desire and have created a VSAT program to reflect those needs. This full service communication solution allows our customers to create their own communication program based on their budget, geographical journey and anticipated data need. Further, the program is nimble and flexible enough to upgrade, change and suspend their VSAT and data commitment- in less than 24 hours, with a click of a button and without penalty. The fact that a number of clients signed up for the service on our launch day is a great indication of the value of this solution, and given the number of customers who have signed on this month alone, this is a trend we expect to continue. With the Caribbean season just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better for our superyacht customers.”

“Being able to offer this customer-led, innovative and unique service capability will only strengthen our position within the global yacht sector – a sector where we are continuing to aggressively extend our presence as we see significant growth potential ahead,” added Piers Cunningham.

For more information, visit www.speedcast.com.

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