Chelsea Technologies Introduces New Water Quality Alert System

With clear public and government pressure for water quality monitoring, notifications and testing, Chelsea Technologies has announce the new Omnis+ range, providing water quality managers and stakeholders class-leading sensors in a low-cost unattended system to continuously monitor sewage, pollution and algae, with live data and alerts straight to phones, tablets and PCs.

Chelsea Technologies’ new Omnis+ water quality system provides water quality managers with exactly the data they need to take remedial action and obtain live alerts as and when water quality deteriorates.

Elizabeth Paull, Managing Director of Chelsea Technologies said “Our mission at Chelsea is to deliver environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner and smarter. With increasing public awareness about the state of the world’s rivers, lakes and beaches, the exciting new Omnis+ water quality system is the ideal solution using our class-leading sensors to deliver exactly the data and warnings that the industry needs, so that pollution, sewage and algae events can be monitored, measured and mitigated for the benefit of public health and safety.”

Water quality has never been in the news as much as it is currently, with regular coverage throughout the media of sewage spills into rivers, algal blooms and buildup in lakes and streams, and pollution from industrial runoffs and processes making its way into the marine environment. Most water monitors are expensive, require to be installed by engineers or operated manually, have limited data output, are inflexible and are battery or mains powered. The Omnis+ system combines Chelsea Technologies class-leading sensors with a low-cost buoy which is self-powered and can be left unattended, providing live data and notification alerts straight to PC, tablet or phone. 

The Omnis+ system uploads readings at regular time intervals and can be configured according to user requirements. This real-time data is represented graphically as part of the custom dashboard – allowing water quality managers to quickly compare parameters and gather information across multiple sites. Preset alerts can be triggered to keep water quality professionals informed of sudden changes, extreme levels, or irregular data. Whether in the office, on site, or travelling between locations, the Omnis+ system app and online dashboard allows users to review data when it suits you. Built specifically for Android and iOS devices, as well as offering multi-browser support, the app will fit around busy schedules and working routines. For full details, please click here.

Omnis+ sewage detection system

Sewage was discharged 400,000 times into public rivers in the UK in 2020. Because human sewage leads to Tryptophan activity, we can measure such spillages of human waste into aquatic environments with a Chelsea Technologies UviLux Tryptophan sensor, which is included in the Omnis+ sewage detection system. Our tryptophan sensor can help identify leakage from sewer pipes in river locations, and, if put together with other Chelsea sensors such as an OBA (optical brightening agents) sensor, even ultimately differentiate whether it is due to farming or human activity. For full technical details, please click here.

Omnis+ algae monitoring system

The TriLux sensor included in the Omnis+ algae monitoring system is Chelsea Technologies’ algae sensor, which monitors three key algal parameters in a single, highly sensitive probe. This 3-in-1 fluorometer enables widespread monitoring in a variety of applications, including harmful algal blooms, aquaculture, water treatment works, river catchments and coastal studies. For full technical details, please click here.

Omnis+ pollution monitoring system

The Omnis+ Pollution Monitoring System contains BTEX and PAH sensors of the UviLux range, which monitors BTEX and PAH parameters in two Chelsea probes. Because of their polarity and very soluble characteristics, the organic chemicals (BTEX) of petroleum products will be able to enter the soil and groundwater systems and cause serious groundwater pollution and contamination problems. For full technical details, please click here.

Standard Omnis+ features

In addition to the specialist Chelsea Technologies sensors, the Omnis+ system also contains all the standard sensors expected in water quality monitoring systems, namely dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity & pH. All Omnis+ systems also come with a wiper – an automatic antifouling system which removes contamination on the sensor surface preventing the adhesion of microorganisms and reducing maintenance visits.

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